Vattikuti Foundation

Disaster Mitigation

Disasters and Natural calamities set the clock back on poverty alleviation. In times of crisis, massive relief measures need to be taken at the national level. However, the resources available cater to the need. Vattikuti foundation, fully understands the time-bound need and works to expedite the resources for the needs of the rural communities it is working for through the non-governmental agencies. This may be Cyclones, floods or the most recent Covid-19 pandemic.

Vattikuti Foundation, Altimetrik

COVID-19 Relief Measures

Michigan- The Vattikuti Foundation and Altemetriks and the Henry Ford Hospital Detroit donated $400,000 to the City of Detroit and its health department to bring 10,000 onsite COVID-19 tests to the city’s more than 126 nursing homes and senior assisted living facilities.

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Through rapid testing and partnerships like the one between Altimetrik, the Vattikuti Foundation and Henry Ford Health System, we are meeting the needs of our friends, parents and grandparents and those who care for them through this initiative

Mike Duggan, Mayor Detroit

“We know that during this difficult time, our minority and low-income communities are struggling disproportionately with the impact of COVID-19," said Raj Vattikuti, CEO of Altimetrik and the Vattikuti Foundation. “We’ve previously partnered with Henry Ford Health System to help establish Detroit as a global leader in robotic surgery, we’re excited to work with them again in building this service for the Detroit community.”

"This partnership between Altimetrik, The Vattikuti Foundation, Henry Ford Health System, and the City of Detroit will help address both the immediate impact of COVID-19 especially impacting senior facilities and long-term planning for procedures and practices in these sites.” - Mike Duggan, Mayor Detroit

Vattikuti Foundation, Altimetrik

Covid-19 Relief Measures in India

Vattikuti Foundation provided relief worth $100,000 to the rural communities in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Assam. In Hyderabad the foundation assisted the efforts of Saksham Trust by establishing an intensive care unit in exclusive COVID-19 hospital.